Fast & Furious, without the The

Pulling in the highest April opening for a movie ever, "Fast & Furious" drove in the best 4th installment of a movie since "Rocky IV." Okay, so the competition for that prize is "Star Wars Epsiode I" and "Indiana Jones 4," but neither of those have Jordana Brewster. If you liked the original, then you'll like the fourth. If not, then probably not so much. The four core cast members return with *SPOILER ALERT* Michelle Rodriguez making an early exit. The movie revolves around Dom's (Vin Diesel) quest for revenge against those responsible for Letty's (Rodriguez) murder. Coincidentally, Brian (Paul Walker) is also out to take down the same gang for the FBI. Fast cars and action ensue. For the Fast and Furious purists, there is a small reference to Tokyo.
My only gripe with the movie... Now, I've never been to an illegal street race, but are there really that many good looking, scantily clad women at one!? Maybe there are and I need to reconsider my friday nights.
Lastly, the movie is left open for a sequel. So, with 72.5 million, I expect to be seeing Fast & Furious 5 soon.