First Date

Dear Johnny,
Which would it be better to ask the boy I like (Nick): "would you like to hang out with me after school", "would you like to go to a movie later", or "would you like to go to the mall with me and other friends you can bring a friend to if you want." Thanks for everything you do for me.=)

Dear you-dont-know-me,
I would go with the movie or the mall option. Asking him to "hang out" leaves it to open. So, I guess it depends on what you feel more comfortable with. A movie is usually a good option for the first time, so you don't have the added pressure of coming up with too many things to talk about. And you can still invite your friends along to the movie, if it makes it less awkward. Of course, that's all dependent on there being a decent movie out at the time. :-) Just remember to have a movie and day in mind before you ask.
Good luck!!!