Nick G. - Take Two

Dear Johnny,
If I ask Nick G. to go somewere with me will he say yes to me? Will he ever be mine? Why does he always look at me in class and try to make me laugh? If it doesn't work out with him who else should I try out of the following boys: Brandon J., Luca b., Brandon N., or Anthony C.? Thanks for everything! <3

Dear Waz-it-2-ya,
Well, according to the Magic 8 Ball, "Signs point to yes" for Nick G. Lucky boy. If he's going out of his way to make you laugh, that's a good sign. It means he at least has some interest in you, so odds are he'll say yes.
Well, at first I thought Brandon N., but the Magic 8 Ball said, "My sources say no." It must have better sources than me! So, I'll go with my second choice, Luca B. Magic 8 Ball says, "Yes, definitely."
Good luck!