"Fired Up!" - Burn the Film!

If you are looking for a comedy, keep looking. My first hint should have come when I went to see the film opening day and there was only one other person in the theater. With a rating of PG-13, you don't even get the gratuitous nudity you'd expect from a film like this. Not to say there aren't plenty of beautiful women bouncing around cheer camp.
It was slightly disturbing that at 31, Eric Christian Olsen can still play a high school student. Maybe there's still hope that Johnny Dynamite can appear in a teen comedy flick!
Also disturbing... Edi McClurg looks possibly younger than she did on "The Hogan Family."
If you want to watch a teen comedy about two guys who go to cheer camp to find new girls to sleep with little humor (Olsen does say, "Rock me, sexy Jesus"), no nudity, and absolutely no surprise... go see "Fired Up!"