Burn the International's passport!

"The International" sports a plot to thin to be a drama and not enough action to be an action movie, which may be why it couldn't even beat out "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" (in it's 4th week... See, I told you it was funny). Clive Owen plays an Interpol agent bent on bringing down the IBBC, an international bank determined to control the world's debt. Their plan? Buy missiles and guidance systems and resell them. Why? To show they mean business, so they can start selling small arms made in China to third world countries. Err? Yeah, I don't know either... Their evil plans comes down to starting these small wars, so they can control the debt coming out of these wars. Apparently, the key to controlling the world is controlling the world's debt. It seems like a lot of work to go through, when the heads of the bank already have more money than they can spend.
The only real action or suspense comes in a shootout in the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. So, if 5 minutes of action isn't worth 8 to 10 dollars to you, stay home and enjoy your beer on the couch and watch the commercial. That will pretty much sum up the movie for you. Oh, and block out that first part of the commercial where the ATM has options to murder. Luckily it was never in the movie and is just a lame reference to the fact the bank murderers anyone that gets to close to finding out the truth.