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The Wrestler

Does the acting live up to the hype? Surprisingly, yes. The story of a past his prime wrestler, "The Wrestler" isn't for anyone looking for a 'feel good' story. The film chronicles the struggle of fading fame and the reality of the things sacrificed in the pursuit of fame.
The bright side of the movie? Marisa Tomei, as a down on her luck stripper, is topless for most of her scenes and has the body of someone half her age... and Evan Rachel Wood makes a post-Manson appearance as Mickey Rourke's estranged daughter.
It'll only take one beer to make it through the movie, but you may want to finish the six pack when it's over.

Marisa Tomei and Jayma Mays

In honor of the premiere of Johnny Dynamite's Movie Reviews and the relaunch of the all new, we bring you two hot chicks of the week for this week. One veteran and one newcomer.

At 44, Marisa Tomei is our oldest hot chick of the week. After seeing her in "The Wrestler," I can safely say I'd break the Dynamite age rule for her. If you think you'd enjoy seeing her topless in most of her scenes, then go check out "The Wrestler." You won't be disappointed.

The second hot chick of the week, Jayma Mays, can be seen as Kevin James' love interest in "Paul Blart: Mall Cop." With assorted television roles, unmemorable movie roles, and an appearance in the straight to dvd "Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control," hopefully this starring movie role will give her career a boost.