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The Other Mall Cop Movie

They tell you not to call it the "other mall cop movie," but that's what it is... if Paul Blart was allowed to swear. Mall cop with dreams of becoming a real cop? Check. Mall cop with crush on a mall worker? Check. Someone robbing the mall? Check.
With Seth Rogan plays the only character he seems to know how to play, the supporting cast are the only saving grace of the movie. There's a line in the movie that goes something like this... "I thought this was going to be funny, but it's just kind of sad." That about sums up the movie.

Fast & Furious, without the The

Pulling in the highest April opening for a movie ever, "Fast & Furious" drove in the best 4th installment of a movie since "Rocky IV." Okay, so the competition for that prize is "Star Wars Epsiode I" and "Indiana Jones 4," but neither of those have Jordana Brewster. If you liked the original, then you'll like the fourth. If not, then probably not so much. The four core cast members return with *SPOILER ALERT* Michelle Rodriguez making an early exit. The movie revolves around Dom's (Vin Diesel) quest for revenge against those responsible for Letty's (Rodriguez) murder. Coincidentally, Brian (Paul Walker) is also out to take down the same gang for the FBI. Fast cars and action ensue. For the Fast and Furious purists, there is a small reference to Tokyo.
My only gripe with the movie... Now, I've never been to an illegal street race, but are there really that many good looking, scantily clad women at one!? Maybe there are and I need to reconsider my friday nights.
Lastly, the movie is left open for a sequel. So, with 72.5 million, I expect to be seeing Fast & Furious 5 soon.

"Miss March," tasty!

Maybe "Fired Up!" had just set my expectations so low, but "Miss March" was actually pretty enjoyable. The story revolves around Eugene, who ends up in a coma just moments before he is going to lose his virginity on prom night. Fast forward four years and Eugene wakes up (using a very unique technique, which resurfaces during the end credits... so, stick around) to find his girlfriend has become Playboy's Miss March. Insert road trip with his completely opposite best friend to win back his girlfriend with hilarity ensuing, and you have the makings of the standard road trip, teen comedy. One of the highlights is Craig Robinson (Warehouse Darryl from "The Office") as musician, Horsedick.MPEG. "Miss March" won't win an Oscar, but it isn't a bad way to spend 90 minutes.

Molly Stanton

We haven't seen her since 2005-2006's "Twins," but Molly Stanton returns this week in "Miss March." Unfortunately, she doesn't have any listed upcoming work. Maybe she should come work for the Big Wheel Biker Gang.