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Horribly Horrible Bosses

It had such potential. It had Teen Wolf Too's Jason Bateman. Jennifer Aniston wasn't horrible in Just Go With It. Jason Sudeikis and Kevin Spacey. The plot is relatable. Who hasn't wanted to kill their boss, but then someone's 12 year old brother got ahold of the script and let their little sister do Colin Farrell's makeup. Charlie Day's whiney voice becomes unbearably whiney as he spends the whole movie whining that Jennifer Aniston is trying to molest him. He's not getting any sympathy from anyone. It's a little hard to to believe Aniston as a perverted sex fiend, but at least Sudeikis capitalizes on it. And manages to sneak in some quality time with Julie Bowen. Kevin Spacey puts on the most enjoyable performance as Nick's (Bateman) boss, but it's too little too late. Jamie Foxx makes a cameo, but they spend too much time building a lame joke about his name being Mother Fucker. Your best bet is to fast forward to Kevin Spacey, then to Jennifer Aniston in her underwear, and then hold down the fast forward button until you reach Bob Newhart and sit back and enjoy that last 2 minutes of the movie.

There's never a bad time for a Speedo

Enjoy riding the Virginia waves in style!


If I could be any superhero...


I'd be the Brown Hornet! Now who would be Stinger...

What's Christmas without a little Stamos?


Jesse & the Rippers cover the Beach Boys!