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Dear Johnny,
When will Kaia get a boyfriend? How many boys like me at school? Who will be my next boyfriend? Whats my middle name? As i am typing this what shoes am i wearing? Does Luca like me or Brandon N.?

-Lots of Questions

Dear Lots of Questions,
March 5th or 7th, not sure which one. Going with 4 boys this time. You lost one, but someone will take his place. Gertrude... Sure it's unconventional, but old school is in!
Socks, most definitely socks... annnnnd Luca!


Shoes, Shoes, Shoes...

Dear Johnny,
What color shoes am I wearing?

-Robbie Savage

Dear Robbie,
Black. Did I guess wrong? If so, turn all the lights off in the room you are in and then take another look at your shoes. You'll see that I was indeed right. Unless this was a trick question and you weren't wearing shoes... then shame on you!


Paul Blart: Mall Cop

With a high potential of being horrible (it is a movie about a mall cop riding around on a segway), "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" resists the urge to be overly cheesy and is actually pretty enjoyable. The only things you'll have to overlook... 1) The mall being taken over by rejects from the X-Games and 2) The bad guys being named after reindeer.
The story line of the underdog doing something spectacular to win the girl is nothing new, but if you're looking for a good laugh "Paul Blart" is worth the watch.

The Wrestler

Does the acting live up to the hype? Surprisingly, yes. The story of a past his prime wrestler, "The Wrestler" isn't for anyone looking for a 'feel good' story. The film chronicles the struggle of fading fame and the reality of the things sacrificed in the pursuit of fame.

Marisa Tomei and Jayma Mays

In honor of the premiere of Johnny Dynamite's Movie Reviews and the relaunch of the all new, we bring you two hot chicks of the week for this week. One veteran and one newcomer.

Very Inquisitive Ceaira

Dear Johnny,
Who will be my next boyfriend? Does Nick like me?
How many pets do I have? How many boys like me at school? Does my ex-boyfriend still remember me?

Dear Ceaira,

I'm going with Mike for question number one. Nick likes you, but doesn't like you like you. Don't sweat it, he's probably a bum.
3, 5, and if he doesn't remember you... Next time you see him, walk up and kick him hard in the shin. He'll remember you after that!
Off to answer more of your questions...


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